Barbati is the name of one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.
The picturesque air inspired in 2000 Vincenzo Canfora (leadear of the fashion company Bottega Tessile Partenopea) who together with his team. company led by Antonio Zagaria, captures the elegant mood  spreading it in his creations.
Initially it was known for the production of pants and coats, by the inspiration of Cirenzo Alaia, then it has expanded into total look collections.
The continuous research of fabrics and materials distinguishes the brand, pointing on the uniqueness of Made in Italy.
The hallmark is a stylized crown which declares our idea: to elevate and give nobility to the simple beauty.


Barbati represents our passion for our work, our territory, our experience and our Neapolitan culture.
We can achieve the quality of our garments using the craftsmanship that is typical of our people and taking care to select the raw materials.
Our inspiration is to look for a place where formality and modernity meet together giving the best attractive result distinguished by a real “Made in Italy” style.
Now we want to strengthen the product by a brand extension process that was also recognized by the Coin store chain, which has chosen to have our brand in its stores.
Barbati continues to evolve and is planning to open one-brand stores in the centre of the most important Italian cities and in the main department stores.

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